3 Must Read Books

I think its important to read things that inspire me on my joruney as often as I can. Just like everyone I get caught up with the comforts of life and become used to doing things that make my lifer “easier” as a mom, a farmer, a business owner and a wife. Here is a list of things I have read that give me inspriation to be the best version of me I can be. And because I spoil you I’ll include links.

-Nourishing Traditons 

Written by the president of the Weston A Price foundation, I can not reccomend this book enough. She dives deep into how food nourishes you and what it means to eat real health food. You might be surprised to learn real health does not come from the foods that have been promoted by corporations who care more about profits than health. While it’s technically a cook book but is full of invaluable information on top of its nourishing recipes. 

-Keeping A Family Cow

For thousands of years a family cow symbolized wealth, status, and sustainability. With the way the world has been the past couple of years, families, including ours, have taken extra steps to make sure their food supply is as local as possible. And there’s nothing more local than having a major piece of your food supply at home! This book explains why raw milk is a super food and how to properly choose, milk, and care for your family cow. 

-The Comfort Crisis 

I think we can all agree that we as a people are WAY too comfortable. We live our day to day lives in a climate controlled home with all the food we could ever want, able to have whatever we want delivered to us with a swipe of our finger. Now don’t get me wrong, modern comforts are enjoyed in my family too, but we also go out of our way to make ourselves uncomfortable. This book explores why we are in a comfort crisis and how to overcome it with daily and yearly adventures. This is a book I think can be read and read again at various points in your life.


None of these are affiliate links. I won’t get paid in any way shape or form if you buy the books using them. I’ll be just as happy if you go to your local library and check them out for free. Get your hands on them however is best for you!

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