The Raw Milk Cure

The measure of wealth used to be simple. If you had a family cow you were not only surviving, you were thriving. I can’t think of a more timeless symbiotic relationship between man and an animal. Sure dog is a mans best friend and has arguably been serving man longer than the cow but, we can not survive simply on what a dog has to offer. When it comes to our bovine friends though, we need look no further. For over 10,000 years cows have given us health, nourishment, security, friendship and milk; beautiful, nourishing, wonderful, milk.

Starting back in Southwest Asia when humans started domesticating the Aurochs, we have completely domesticated all of the cows on earth. Nowadays cows depend on us just as much as we depend on them. Without them our nutrition would for sure suffer and because they depend on us for their own nutrition without us they would also suffer. The responsibility of that is massive. It’s crazy to consider that we are the only animals who are not only willing to go against our own nature but also we are powerful enough to force other species to go against theirs. Like Spiderman’s uncle said, “…with great power comes great responsibility,” and I personally think we as humans dropped that ball on the whole responsible part in recent times.

Raw Milk was once a major staple of the American diet. Generations of Americans grew strong drinking farm fresh raw milk. Later, the “Got Milk” campaign had everyone flaunting their milk mustaches with pride and glory that they were so darn healthy. While I do agree that milk is a super food, I must make the distinction that RAW milk is THE super food and not the modern pasteurized / homogenized “milk” you see at your local big box store. Without getting too much into it the only reason why pasteurization came to be was to transport milk from sick cows all around the country and have a longer shelf life once it got there. But in doing this they discovered that pasteurization denatured the milk, and when left to sit what was left of the cream would settle at the bottom and create a less than appetizing sludge. To remedy this they began to homogenize milk. This creates a milk where the cream never binds back together with itself and you are left with the white milk we’ve all come to know and…be allergic too. I guess the cream doesn’t always rise to the top.

Fear not my faithful subscribers, because raw milk is here to save the day! I know it gets a bad rap and people have been told that we should fear raw milk because of what can be contracted while drinking it. I think we need to redirect our focus and not worry about the milk itself but the farm its coming from. Only sick cows will give you milk that will make you sick. Read that and read it again. ONLY SICK COWS WILL GIVE YOU MILK THAT WILL MAKE YOU SICK. And the other nasty things that could get into milk are from unsanitary handling methods. Before you start this raw milk journey you owe it to yourself to visit the farm you’re thinking about purchasing from to check it out with your own eyes. 

Driving to a dairy farm once a week and becoming a part of a herd share program can be annoying and is a big inconvenience if you’re not invested in why you’re doing it. Let me take this space and tell you why raw milk is so beneficial for you and your family. Raw milk is rich in beneficial bacteria. This bacteria helps heal leaky gut syndrome and also improves over all immune system function. Did you know 80% of our immune system comes from our gut? Gut health is kinda important! Raw Milk is also rich in food enzymes. These enzymes help us digest not only the milk itself but also other foods that we eat. Many people eat a ” healthy” diet but if you don’t have certain stomach enzymes your belly wont be able to digest these foods properly to make sure you’re actually getting the nutrients from it. On top of the vitamins raw milk helps you digest, its also packed full of its own bioavalible vitamins like Vitamin A, K and E, also water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and B- Complex vitamins. Raw milk also contains Linoleic Acid which has been proven to help fight cancer (particularly breast, intestinal, and bone cancers). And last but not least you will be supporting a local hard working farmer instead of a big box corporation who doesn’t care about the cow or the how. 

It’s pretty simple. Cows are good folks. So good in fact that we’ve completely domesticated them and have been eating and drinking from them for over 10,000 years. Raw milk has been proven to save lives with all its natural benefits, the Mayo Clinic actually had a program called ” The Raw Milk Cure”. Where they literally healed people with grass fed and finished raw milk. Below I’m going to include some links that will help connect you with your local farmer and get some raw milk into your fridge. Please reach out and tag me in your raw milk journey, I’d love to be apart of it.

Here is where you can find local raw milk 

The Weston A Price Foundation

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